I guess you never thought we would ever come back. Well, here we are with our shiny new site where you can find out all things that are happening now, have happened recently, and all those I hope will happen in the not-too-distant future.

Part of the reason this site has been so long in the making is I couldn’t slow down from my schedule and stand still long enough to give answers to the questions that had to be asked to make this a reality. Between my time on the road with the Earls of Leicester, making our record, time with the Jerry Douglas Band, growing it and then recording it, I thought I was ready to get into the website, then up jumps the Transatlantic Sessions, first in Glasgow, Scotland then all over the UK for Celtic Connections, then we had this great idea to tour that over here in the USA so you could hear and see first hand what I’ve been raving about all these years.

These things don’t just happen by themselves and I am not going to send something your way until I have looked it up and down very closely. So here we are, finally in a place where I and all the folks that check up on me feel we can take a breath and let you in on all the news.
I’m happy to be back with you and now we can we can continue together on this big journey round and round the sun!

– Jerry